The Crimson Army Goals

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The Crimson Army Goals Empty The Crimson Army Goals

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 10:38 pm

The Crimson Army is a bloc of micro alliances who is dedicated to protecting each other and serving our Commander. We are more of a military of alliances then a bloc divided into 4 groups. Our goal is too unite the other micro alliances with the condition they can run their alliance the way the desire, but in return for protection, tech deals, and power, We ask that they mobilize for battle when we call

Infantry Division:

Our front line soldiers the alliances with in this division will always be the first ones on the battle field...

Intel Division:

They operate by using their spy net work from behind the front lines saving our infantry money from using spies. Orders for certain attacks are called in. Among this they also gather news off the OWF to keep TCA in the loop.

Econ Division:

They act as our support group. They are the bread and butter of The Crimson Army financing our wars and also over seeing our finances period.

                                                                        The Crimson Army is the representation of
                                                                        the purifying flame and the warriors thirst for blood.
                                                                        All among them possesses an unquenchable thirst for
                                                                        blood or power over the undying flames of hell fire.


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